Thursday, October 17, 2013

Interview Garb

The other week I had an internal interview at work. Normally my work attire consists of business casual, emphasis on the casual. But the day of my interview, I decided to kick it up a notch (natch).

I went with a very attractive if I do say so myself skirt and mockneck combo (ew, mockneck) and tights of course. On my way to work I completely forgot to bring the second pair of tights I feared I may need if the ones I was wearing chose to conk out. Thankfully I didn't need that second pair. Otherwise, I would have been sporting a rather unglorious bright green shawl or oversized grey sweater draped over my legs for the duration of the interview.

Just before the interview one of my colleagues instant-messaged me:

Him: "Don't you look fancy today!"
Me: "Oh thank you. I didn't want to look so ostentaciously different, but alas, I 'tried' a little today." Above all else I never dress like this because it's not particularly comfortable. I brought other clothes for later. haha."

In other news, husband and I went to St. John's in September. Had literally a whale of a good time. Ron Sexsmith was on our Porter flight, and then we bumped into Sook Yin Lee more than a couple times while wandering around the downtown. Thankfully she didn't see us when we dined at Bacalao, since we had just seen her earlier in the day. She might have thought we were stalking her.

Husband, earlier in the day in coffee shop, to Sook Yin: "I've been a fan since I was 13!"
Sook Yin: "Oh."

Happy memories. Of when no one cared.

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